Blaze doens't follow traditional fashion seasons.

We write our own rules that prevent overproduction and challenges impulse buying. We want to see you trive!

  1. Blaze by Lucca are our vintage or/and hand crafted items. We will announce our limited items on our instagram. Put on your notifications to never miss the limited stock items. 
  2. Blaze Basics items are available for sale on on our webshop, on a monthly basis new items will be dropped and old ones can be removed. Always limited on stock. 


Blaze by Lucca is a collection of re-designed vintage clothing, sustainably reworked into one-of-a-kind gems. 


Blaze Basic is a collection of simple needs with unique graphics. Perfect to combine with your ‘Blaze by Lucca’ items from blaze. Every Basic is limited on stock. So be sure to don’t miss out your perfect basic. 


Blaze Bag is a collection of handmade bags. The small bags are perfect for everyday use! Even to tie as a handbag and as a shoulder bag. Super multifunctional!